Class Newsletter #16 - 1/22/2017

posted Jan 29, 2017, 3:51 AM by Jim Hunt   [ updated Jan 29, 2017, 4:06 AM ]
Dear Friends,

We were a small but mighty group Thursday night. To those of you traveling or on the sick list, we missed you. We had fun and did some great dancing anyway. 

Congratulations to the square that danced one whole tip with only seven dancers! You did great! 

In the definitions below I have included the definition for both Run and Cross Run. Remember the first step is Forward and you should be running around someone NOT sliding behind them. The caller sees all. 

There is a new box below for square dance events in the future, after lessons are over. If you have been wondering what is next, study this list and plan to join us for workshops, Summertime Dances or a square dance weekend or two or three. 

If you have been on the sick list, I send you balloons of ‘heal’ium! If you have been traveling, come home safe and sound! 

See you Thursday!
Happy dancing,

40 a. Runs: Boys, Girls, Ends, Centers: Designated dancers move forward and around another dancer as directed. This always results in a change of facing direction (180 degrees for the runner). The person being run around (runee) slides sideways to the vacated spot of the runner. BOYS, GIRLS, ENDS, CENTERS RUN – 4 steps.
40 b. Cross Run: Designated runner steps forward moving in a half circle across the center line to end in designated open position. Ends become centers and centers become ends. The runee without turning around slides into the open position. CROSS RUN – 6 steps.

56 b. Couples Hinge: As couples in a two-faced line, walk forward until two-faced line has turned 1/4. Centers of the two-faced line hold hands and act as the pivot. COUPLES HINGE – 3 steps.

62 a. Fold: Designated dancer steps forward turns to stand in front or behind the nearest dancer; the other dancer stands in place. FOLD – 2 steps.

DANCE DATES -Dates to note:
Friday, February 3, 7:30 – 10:30 p.m., First Friday Fun Fest hosted by the Whirlybirds with Dave Harry, caller. The hall is The Hayloft, 15320 35th Ave W, Lynnwood. Cost is $7/person.
Friday, February 24, 7:30 – 10:00 p.m., Chinese New Year Dance hosted by the Samena Squares. 7:30 – 8:00 p.m. Plus Dance, 8:00 – 10:00 p.m. Mainstream Dance with rounds. I will be calling the squares. Karen Neverdowski will be cueing the rounds. The dance is in our hall, the Juanita Community Club. 

Future Dance Opportunities
Thursday nights (beginning the week after lessons are over), 7:00 – 9:00 p.m., Mainstream Workshops hosted by Susan Morris at Juanita Community Club. Cost is $6/person. This will be an opportunity to get more floor time to keep up the skills you have worked hard for and explore some of the different formations you may encounter on the dance floor. It’s also a time to play some square dance games or explore the many variations of Grand Square. Ends Thursday, May 25.
Thursdays, June 1 to August 31, 7:30 – 9:30 p.m., Summertime Dances hosted by Mt. Baker Teachers, Callers, and Cuers. There will be two different callers each night. These are casual Mainstream dances to give everyone an opportunity to dance during the summer when many clubs go dark. Summertime  Dances are held at the Juanita Community Club. Cost is $7/person.
Thursday – Friday, May 31 to June 2, Mainstream Madness at Circle 8 Ranch, Cle Elum. This will be a Mainstream Workshop beginning Wednesday evening. There will be additional sessions during the day Thursday and Friday along with a dance Thursday night. Stephen Cole and I will be calling.
Friday – Sunday, June 2 – 4, Mainstream Weekend at Circle 8 Rance, Cle Elum. Susan Morris and Stephen Cole, calling and Chuck and Sandi Weiss, cueing. This program kicks off square dance weekends at Circle 8 (different programs each weekend) for Summer 2017. There will be a dance Friday night, workshops during the day Saturday, a potluck dinner Saturday night followed by a dance and after party. Sunday morning starts with a pancake breakfast provided by Circle 8 followed by a dance before everyone heads home. Tons of fun in a beautiful place! Plan to come!
Friday – Saturday, June 16 – 17, Create A Dream in 2017, Washington State Square Dance Festival, Spokane, WA. Here is the website for more information, Dancers will be there from all parts of Washington and Idaho. Mike Seastrom is the featured caller.
Friday – Sunday, July 7 – 9, Leadership Seminar at Circle 8 Ranch.
Friday – Sunday, September 22 – 24, Winthrop Barn Dance, Winthrop, WA. Lots of Samena Squares members go to this dance weekend. Tons of fun!