Just for Students

All students are welcome to browse our compilation of useful information to square dance students while you are learning to dance.

Susan Morris is our awesome and patient square dance teacher.  We are always looking for Angels (experienced dancers) to help our students learn (and maybe refresh our own skills too).  Click here to see the latest student newsletter.

Student Level Dances

During the months when most clubs host lessons, there are special "Student Level" dances.  These special dances are when all students are welcome and encouraged to participate.  All the dances will be at an appropriate level for students.  Check out the Student Level Dance Schedule for student level dances at Samena Squares and other local area clubs to try out your new moves.

Local Square Dance Publication

Promenading Around the Sound is published by Ginny Lemmon (see info about their dance shop below).  Every Puget Sound area square dance club advertises their dance schedule in here.  It is highly recommended that you subscribe to this publication.   View, print out and mail in the Promenading Around the Sound order form on the Documents & Downloads page if you would like to subscribe to Promenading Around the Sound.


Traditional square dance clothing is NOT required at square dances, especially for students.  Women are welcome to wear a skirt and blouse, and men wear any shirt and slacks.  Some women prefer "prairie skirts" which are usually long, loose skirts so you can move around easily.

If you do want to start working on your traditional square dance outfits, there are 2 local stores that are both excellent places to shop.

Ginny's Promenade is both online and located in Burien, WA.  Check out her website at www.DanceCenter.com. Ginny Lemmon is a long time dancer and also publishs the popular "Promenading Around the Sound", a monthly "where to dance" magazine covering the Puget Sound Area.  We highly recommend that you subscribe to this publication.  I hear she has lots of fine used clothing for some great price savings.  Contact her directly or check her website for hours and inventory, or to ask about the magazine subscription.  Their phone number is 206-242-8138.

Petticoat Junction is located in Lynnwood, WA.  Their website is www.PetticoatJct.com.  They have a very nice store which is open regular hours, as well as an excellent website.  Drop in any time.  Their sales people have always been very helpful.

Students, this page is for you, so if you think of any information or questions that we should answer here for you, please don't hesitate to email us.