Solo dancers welcome, we’ll match you up!

Learn to Square Dance!

NEW !!  Lessons will begin Thursday, September 28th 7:00 - 9:00 PM.  We are excited to be able to invite family and friends to join our square dance community.  The first step, of course, is lessons!   The fun and innovative Stephen Cole will be the teacher.

Come join us for a fun activity with lots of physical & mental exercise in a great social setting.   

Other square dance clubs in the Pacific Northwest are also offering lessons if you prefer another night or location.  Visit the Mt. Baker Council web page for other lessons in the area.

General Lesson Information

You are welcome to start lessons on any of the first 3 weeks (the earlier the better).  Just come and check it out.  It will be the most fun you've had in a while :-)  

Everyone is invited, single or couple. The first three lessons are open for enrollment and are at no cost. The fee for the full set of lessons is $150, due by lesson 4. Students do have the option of paying upfront or making three payments with a deadline of three months out. Come to the Juanita Community Club.

You will love square dancing!   Dress casually with comfortable shoes.  

Ladies... bring your guy along with you.   Many a great square dancer was first convinced to just "go take a look" by his partner.  You will both love it when you find out how much fun we have.