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Hello Samena's

It was really great to see our Members enjoying our anniversary dance. The Dudes and Dolls caravanned in and the floor was comfortably full.

This Friday, 5/24, will see Spyder Web calling our "Yankee Doodle Dandy" dance with Karen Neverdowski providing the choreography for the rounds. This is another great opportunity to kick up your heels and get your groove on.

Tomorrow, at seven, Stephen is leading a mainstream strengthening dance. We will also be installing decorations for Yankee Doodle.

We have two dances in June, these are our last in our regular season. Leo Catt and Brent Mawdsley will lead the charge.

We have reserved the 'Pavilion' at Marina Park in Kirkland for August 24th for our annual dancing in the park event. Mark your calendars now....more details to follow.

September 27-28, 2024 is the Winthrop Barn Dance. We are in the process of securing lodging (reserving several rooms). Please put the date on your calendar and plan to register by the 1st of September to be counted in the competition for most members from a single club. This tradition goes way back for the Samenas and it will be the first without Lorna.

For those obsessed with planning into the future, mark December 14th of this year for our Christmas party.

There are a number of special events, fairs, parades, and demo dances available this summer. Too  many to mention here, However, if you go to the MBC webpage, you can navigate to the Home page and or Dance calendar drop down for a list of special events.

For summer dancing in our hall, the Mount Baker Callers and Cuers will be hosting dances on Thursday eves with different callers each week beginning in June. More to follow.

Hope to see several of y'all tomorrow eve.


Gordon Ball



Hello Samena's

First on docket.....The caravan outfits for the D&D caravan are Turquoise and White. (I was incorrect in stating winter colors in the last email)

The start time for the quarterly meeting on Saturday the 27th is as follows, we will commence setting up on the heels of the previous renter at 3:30 PM and the gavel will sound at 4:00 PM to convene the meeting.

I have attached a draft of the meeting agenda for your use.

Please bring some cookies and finger fruit for the meeting and the club will supply a variety of pizza to celebrate the day.

It appears the announcement of Debbie Taylor's celebration of life was not sent out to all members of the MBC. See below.

Coming up, next Sunday, April 28th is a celebration of life dance for Debbie Taylor at Cedar Valley Grange. Admission is free and there will be square & round dancing & potluck from 1:00 to 4:00.

See you all in a square

Gordon Ball


Hello Samena’s

Looks like spring has officially sprung. Our Garden Party Dance with Leo and Rochelle Catt was a ton of fun. The following day, our Caravan to the Rainbow squares was well represented with eighteen dancers. Kudo’s to Skip for organizing and setting up a great event.

The next few weeks have several very important activities.

April 26th is our club wide caravan to the Dudes and Dolls to celebrate their 73rd Anniversary dance. Scott Coon, Brent Mawdsley and Shawn Caveness will call at the Cedar Valley Grange. We will wear our red and black caravan outfits.

The very next day, April 27th we will hold our quarterly meeting at the Juanita Community Club at 3:30 PM. On the docket will be the installation of your newly elected officers, break out groups for dance themes and decorations and summer activities, eating tasty fare, and reports on the state of the Club. This is a very pivotal meeting. Do your best to attend.

May 10th is our 60th Anniversary Dance dedicated to Lorna Barnhart with Steve Noseck and Karen Neverdowski. The Dudes and Dolls will join us to ring in this auspicious occasion.

I am looking forward to seeing, dancing and working together with all of you soon.



The early spring quarterly meeting was held March 9th. The minutes of the meeting will be posted to the website soon. However, here is an overview.

New business

The April 27th Quarterly meeting will see the installation of the newly elected officers (come out and help ring in the new slate).

Participation in the interclub caravans brings support to our club and the clubs we visit.

There are three more caravans left in this year's dance calendar. Do your best to attend.

We are decorating for our "Oscars" dance tomorrow night and looking forward to Dave Harry putting on some great choreography Friday the 22nd.

We have a dance on April 12th.

Our 60th Anniversary dance will be called by Steve Noseck and Karen Neverdowski on May 10th. As noted above, this will be dedicated to Lorna Barnhart. 

How many of you have spent a little time on the Samena website. There is a lot of information contained thereon.

Hope to see you in a square soon,


Gordon Ball





This has been a rugged month, to say the least. However, Saturday March 9th at 4:00 PM at the hall is a pivotal quarterly meeting. Nominations and elections of your officers will take place as well as staffing our committees for next year. Additionally, we have decisions to make regarding our dance calendar for the balance of the year, help in the dance host arena, help in the JCC arena, and thoughts of ways to make our dances draw more experienced dancers.

We'll brew up some coffee and if a few of y'all could bring cookies, fruit, cheese and crackers we will have something to munch upon.

I have attached the draft meeting agenda for your review

Please also put Thursday March 14th on your calendar. Our current class of square dancers are graduating. We have a celebration planned and would like as many club members as possible to attend the festivities and get to know each other. The hours are the same as lessons (7:00 - 9:00 PM)

Looking forward to seeing you all,


Gordon Ball


Agenda - Quarterly meeting

March 9th, 2024 4:00 PM

Juanita Community Club

13027 100 th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98034

Call to Order

Review minutes from last meeting or move to accept

Officer, Representative and Committee reports:

President                           Webmaster Social

Vice President                     Sunshine

Secretary                            Publicity

Treasurer                             Caravan

MBC Dance Host

JCC Photography

Banner replacement report

Dance Calendar revisited/replacement Callers.

Student Graduation March 14 th

Update and staff the dance host calendar!

New business

Dedication of Samena Anniversary Dance to Lorna (form committee?)

Nominations and election of officers

Committee chair volunteers and approval

Brain storm dance format, opportunities to attract more dancers


For your information current committee chairs/members are noted below:

JCC representatives = Lee Barnhart

MBC representatives = Skip Fuller and Lee Barnhart

Sunshine committee = Jeri Molloy chair w/ Cecilie Hudson

Caravan Committee = Skip Fuller chair w/ Mauro Rizzi & Dave Kalman

Publicity Committee = Co-chair Claire Ball and Maria Pia

Social Committee = chair is vacant w/ Lori Castner, Linda Fuller, Claire Ball, & Bernie Bagger

Dance Host Committee = Dena Burns chair w/ Ann Margerum



Misc notes and Calendar additions

Hello Samena's,

Lessons continue tonight and we will be decorating for Friday's dance. Brett Kappenman is calling and Karen Cueing. If you haven't danced to Brett, you will be missing an opportunity for some really fun choreography.  Additionally, we have a caravan to the Fidalgo Fogcutters on Saturday. This is a plus dance with advanced rounds with Steve Noseck calling and Bob Berka cueing. It runs from 1:30 PM pre rounds and 2:00 to 4:00 Plus with rounds. Dance is held at Skagit Valley Grange 21273 Cook Road, Sedro Woolley. This is a super opportunity for our plus dancers to get in some floor time with a great caller.

We have rescheduled the upcoming quarterly meeting to March 9th at 4:00 PM at the Hall.

This is a very important meeting. The agenda includes election of club officers and selection of committee heads for our standing committees. Don't be surprised if the existing officers put the arm on you to step up and serve. I will throw my hat in the ring to continue as your president (or you can run me out on a rail). The Office of president has a co-president to help with the duties from mid December until the first of March (as your existing president is not able to attend the dances in that time period). Unfortunately, Lorna will not be able to fill that position going forward. Please seriously consider stepping up to serve in that capacity.

Additionally, Skip Fuller has been serving as your Caravan chair and your Mount Baker Council delegate. He has faithfully held those positions for many years and is ready to step down. Skip is willing to take his replacements under his wing and train them in the duties thereof. This is a great opportunity to serve the club and keep more abreast of square dancing on the community level.

Please mark the date on your calendar.

Squarely yours,

Lorna and Gordy




I didn't think I would see the day when I thought 31 degrees was warm. It is nice to come out of the icebox.

Last Thursday's lessons had two squares and several extra folk who gallantly installed the decorations for our Black and White Ball on Friday.

Friday's dance was relatively well attended with four plus squares considering it was cold and icy out. Galen Sauve and Karen put on a fun dance with choreography combinations that were out of the box. Many smiles were to be seen around the room.

Saturday we caravaned to the Whirlybirds for their disco dance. Thirteen and a half Samena's attended (Brayden was the half) as a special thank you, the Whirlybirds invited the Samena club to return on Saturday the 13th of April to dance for half price 

We are committed to caravaning to the Rainbow Squares that day, however, this may be a closer venue for some of our members.

Lessons continue this week. For you students who have missed several lessons due to the holidays and weather, I highly recommend you attend. Stephen will catch you up. Please don't think it's too late and you're too far out of the loop. 

On another note, Lorna is in a tough struggle in her battle to beat cancer. Please send healing thoughts, energy and prayers her way.

See you in a square,


Gordon Ball



Hello Samena's

Y'all have recently received Lori's email about lessons tonight (Jan 11 7:00 PM) During lessons we will be decorating for our "Black and White Ball '' dancing Friday Jan 12th. Gaylen Sauve will be calling plus from 7:30 to 8:00 and Mainstream 8:00 to 10:00 Karen Neverdowski will be cueing the rounds. I am confident lowland snow will not be a problem.

Furthermore, The Samena's have committed to caravan to the Whirlybirds on Saturday the 13th. Dance will be held at the 'Hayloft' 15320 35th ave W, Lynnwood. Karen Neverdowski cueing pre rounds at 7:30 and Main stream at 8:00 with Dave Harry. (Saturday Night Live..70's is the theme) Please wear your red and black caravan outfits.

For your calendar, Sunday February 4th we are caravaning to the Freewheelers dancing at the Cedar Valley Grange 20526 52nd Ave W, Lynnwood. Debbie Taylor will cue the pre rounds starting at 6:30 and Roger Spies will call Mainstream from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.

A couple of our regular angels will be missing tonight. Please drop in to support our current crop of students.

Looking forward to dancing with as many Samena's as can make it this week. It is a busy three days.

Squarely yours,

Lorna and Gordy




We had a great turnout to decorate the Hall last saturday. The artistic in the bunch came up with a very festive layout, while the muscle bound hunks put up the garlands.   Several folks brought goodies, the hall provided the pizza, eggnog was poured and a good time was had by all.

The deadline for ordering the 2024 Samena calendar is December 1st.  Call or email Lee or Lorna  (425) 820-4188 to place your order. Last year's cost was $20.00. Lee continues to outdo himself and build a calendar that will spark memories and give you a great spot to note your upcoming dates.

For those wanting to dance off a little turkey and support the square dance community, Stephen Cole is putting on a Black Friday (November 24th) level dance at the hall from Noon to 2:00 PM. The goal is primarily to dance. If square mageddon happens, a quick walkthrough of the offending call will be offered, and back to dancing.  

It's that time of the year so if you wish to participate this is a Toys For Tots event - suitable new and unwrapped toys to donate or a monetary donation are welcome.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week.


See you in a square


Gordon Ball




Hello Samenas,

First up  Our opportunities to collect donations for Toys for Tots are greatly reduced this year due to the holiday dance schedule. We will be setting up the bins this Thursday during lessons and decorating. The Samenas have generously contributed to this worthy cause in the past. We are hoping some of the other hall renters will join in as well.

Second batter  Please RSVP to Skip regarding the potluck and Caravan this Saturday the 11th  (   (206) 226 3861) We will be wearing our black and red outfits to the dance.

Third up   Lee Barnhart, club photographer, wants to know how many would be interested in purchasing a Samena calendar if he made one again this year. Cost last year was $20.  Please respond to Lee @ The calendar has been first rate. Claire and I have purchased one each year since we became members.


Hello Samenas!

  Have you heard? We’re doing a fundraiser selling the fabulous, tasty, hefty, juicy Remlinger Farms pies for only $15.00!

  The last day to place orders is November 16th

   See the flyer on the Samenas Home page for details.


Gordon Ball



11/3/23 (updated)

Hello Samena's

Opportunities abound for fun and frolic in the near future. Friday the 10th is our Military Appreciation dance. Andy Garboden will call and Karen will cue the rounds. We are beginning to have more than a square of plus dancers at the 7:30 time slot prior to  Mainstream at 8:00 PM. It is great to see more of you jumping back in at the plus level.

On Saturday the 11th, we are caravaning to Fern Bluff Squares for their "turkey lurkey" level dance. There will be pre-rounds at 7:30 and mainstream from 8:00 to 10:00 PM. The location is the South Lake Stevens Grange, 2109 103rd Ave SE, Lake Stevens, WA. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE for all of our students.  This dance is a level dance and is an excellent opportunity to get some floor time to a different caller. I encourage ya'll to take the plunge and have some fun.

ADDITIONALLY, Skip and Linda Fuller will host a potluck at their home, 10211 7th PL SE, Lake Stevens, WA at 5:00 PM. This is an excellent opportunity to meet where we can talk and get to know each other. Students have a chance to meet more of the members than those currently angeling at lessons.

We will need an RSVP from those planning to attend the potluck. Please email, message or call Skip (  206-226-3861) and cc me at so we know how many chairs are needed.

I trust ya'll have Saturday the 18th on your calendar from 11:00 AM to 4 PM to gather and decorate our hall for the Christmas Season. We go all out and it is a ton of fun. We will have sugar and caffeine for you to rev up your system. 

Now we are decorating through the lunch hour, bring a plate of cookies or finger food. The Club will supply drinks, coffee and fruit

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Gordon Ball with Lorna Barnhart



(Comment from Skip Fuller, Caravan Chair: )


Greetings fellow Samena Squares Members. This is Skip Fuller, your caravan coordinator. We have a wonderful caravan coming up this Saturday 10/21.

We will be caravanning to Skagit Squares for their Hobo Dance. Gunther Munroe will call this dance and our own Karen Neverdowski will cue. They dance from 7:30 to 10:00 PM. With the first half hour being rounds. They dance at Mount Vernon Senior Center. Their address is 1401 Cleveland Ave. Mount Vernon. Several of us will be going up a little early to have dinner at the Appleby’s at 188 Cascade Mall Drive in Burlington. We will meet there at 6:00PM so as to have enough time to eat and get to the dance on time. If anybody has any question, feel free to call me on my cell. 206 226 3861. Give me a heads up if you are attending.

Many regards

Skip Fuller


October 16, 2023

Hello Samena's,

There are several events right around the corner. Your social committee has been busy putting together a slate of activities guaranteed to bring fun, frivolity and congregation.

This Saturday is our first caravan of the season to the Skagit Squares. Location is the Mount Vernon Senior Center, 1401 Cleveland, Mount Vernon. Pre -rounds at 7:30. Mainstream at 8:00 PM. Contact Skip or Bernie regards a pre dance get together to eat.

October 27th is our first level dance of the year. Stephen Cole will be calling, Cat dangles will be available to the dancers. We will have plus tips at 7:30 and Mainstream at 8:00

The Mystery Caravan is planned for October 28th. All participants signed up must meet in the Goodwill parking lot at 9:00 AM for directions and the famous Le Mans start.

We had a quarterly meeting slated for November 4th, however, the hall is booked and our first "Guess who's coming to dinner" is planned for the same evening. In lieu of a face to face meeting, your executive committee will keep you up to speed with reports.

Guess who's coming to dinner is scheduled for November 4th. I trust you received the email from Bernie on the way to participate.

We will be having a "holiday decoration' event at the hall November 18th from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. We will 'gussie" up the hall and leave the decor up till after Christmas.

Our annual Christmas party is on the calendar for December 9th at 5 PM. The meal will be catered by the Olive Garden. The Samena version of the gift exchange will be the cat's meow. And it will offer time to visit with old friends and meet some new ones.

This Thursday is the fourth session of this year's lessons (you might remember the first three lessons were free). From here on out, new dancers will be "in it to win it '' There have been several angels from other clubs attending and several stalwart Samenas. Come on out and angel. It's an opportunity to introduce yourself to the new students and a chance for them to dance with new partners.

The Samena Squares are participating in the annual "Toys for Tot's" program. Collection bins for new unwrapped toys will be available at our November 10th and our December 8th dance.

The  T 4 T's representative will pick up the donations at our Christmas party.

I am looking forward to the season for fun, friends, food, dance, and mystery too!

Warmest regards  Lorna and Gordy


September 18, 2023


There are currently eighteen members attending the Winthrop Barn Dance. Dance dress is as follows: Friday night, wear your blue polo or anything that has a Samena logo on it and your name tag. Saturday street dance, comfortable for the weather and your nametag. Saturday day rounds or plus, casual clothes and name tags. Saturday eve mainstream dance, wear your black and red caravan outfits

Our lessons commence Thursday the 28th at 7:00. Reminder, the first three lessons are free. If you have people you would like to introduce to square dance, bring them out. Angels are an important ingredient to successful lessons (both to support student learning and to promote the club). Be an angel (double entender on purpose).

The October 13th dance will feature Dan Preedy calling. I encourage all you Samenas to attend and promote the heck out of it. He is nationally known, skillful and fun. He will be one of the three callers at the Barn Dance. We have worked for several years to contract him for the 23/24 season and I would hate for ya'll to miss the opportunity.

Please check the web site for the caravan schedule and populate your personal calendar. Our first excursion is Saturday Oct 21st to the Skagit Squares.

Last but not least, look for an email announcing the Mystery Caravan, as many details as can be revealed, and the call for attendees.

Squarely yours,

Lorna and Gordy,


September 4, 2023


Hello Samenas,

This will be somewhat lengthy, however, I will do my best to be succinct.

Whew! that's all for now.


See you all soon,