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Hello Samena's,

This will be somewhat lengthy, however, I will do my best to be succinct.

  • Our dance season kicks off this Friday (9th) with Steve Noseck and Karen Neverdowski. Circus is the theme and you can feel free to 'clown' around. We are expecting Bill to bring some one liners to tickle your funny bone. We are opening the kitchen so please feel free to bring potluck snacks that are readily self served without cutting and spooning onto a plate. I really hope the great preponderance of the club will be there to have fun and get back into the swing of things

  • Dont forget we are dark Friday the 23rd as the club is caravaning to the Winthrop Barn Dance. There is still time to get your tickets. Contact Lorna for the inside track.

  • September is Club membership renewal month. Dues are payable by the end of the month. To make life a little easier, Lily will take your credit card at our opener (this friday) and at lessons commencing Thursday the 15th. You may send a check to Nickole Dixson 7614 NE Bothell Way #17. Kenmore WA 98028 payable to Samena squares. Dues are still $75.00 for the year.

  • The first of the series of Angel workshops commence Sept 13th at Cedar Valley Grange from 7 to 9 PM. This will be a great segue into lessons. Stephen Cole is leading on the 13th and Steve Noseck on the 20th. (These workshops are sponsored in part by the Samena Squares, so come and get what your dues are supporting)

  • Be sure to check the caravaning calendar on the website (our first excursion is scheduled October 9th to the Hoppers). For me it was important to get the caravan dates on my calendar. This is a big year to support and be supported by other clubs.

  • Do you have friends and/or acquaintances that you would love to join our family. Bring them to the "No experience introductory dance" at Mill Creek YMCA (13723 Puget Park Drive, Everett) on Sunday Sept 11th from 1:30 to 3:30 PM Steve Noseck calling.

Whew! that's all for now.

See you all soon,


Gordon Ball


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