Dance Hosting

Dance Host 22-23.docx

Hosting duties: Samena Squares Club Dances (rev. 5/2022).

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Ideally, two couples will host each dance. If there are fewer hosts, review this list prior to the dance and ask for additional help if needed.


Prior to the Dance:

· Review and be familiar with current club practices regarding food, entry requirements (eg, Covid), and

· Decorate the dance hall and dining areas (1)

· (Depending on food service plans) verify the location of food service items (tablecloths, plates, napkins, cups, coffee, etc. (2)(3)

Day of the Dance (set up at 6:30 PM):

· Set-up: check supplies, arrange entry tables and chairs, fans if needed (6), display caller/cuer name placards (5), make coffee and provide water and ice for drinking (4), hand sanitizer, set table on stage for caller and cuer

· During the dance: greet and welcome dancers, assist Treasurer as needed regarding check in and payment, staff the “Split the Pot” sales (8), monitor coffee, water, and other consumables and replenish during the evening as needed

After the dance (typically at 10 PM):

· Take charge of clean-up (9): sweep dance hall floor and vacuum kitchen/dining area floor (if needed), tidy kitchen, put away any service items and food (10), wipe down counters and tables, collect garbage from cans in kitchen and bathrooms and take to dumpster.

· Take home, clean, and replace any towels or other items needing laundering (11)

· Take down and store decorations from hall and dining area. Invite available Samenas to help !

· (With Gordy or Bill): turn off lights, turn down heat, lock front door, secure the keys (2), and exit from the rear of the building.


1. Decorating the hall is best done well before the dance – even the evening before if possible. The hall is available for decorating after 6:45 PM on Thursdays (remember to respect the Jazzercise group that uses the hall up until then) and after 11 AM on Fridays. There are usually extra Samenas either there or willing to come in to help if more hands are needed. Theme-appropriate decorations are abundant – look in the attic (up the stairs in cloak room). Plastic tubs are labeled with themes; it is helpful to have 2 people transport tubs from the attic. Allow time to root around if you are not being helped by a decorations veteran.

2. Access to the building is via a lockbox on the exterior wall to the left of the main entry. See Gordy for the code if you don’t have it. Keys to locked kitchen and dining area cupboards are in a plastic case in an upper kitchen cabinet – ask if you need help locating these.

3. In the cupboards on the north side of the eating area are tablecloths, and some general supplies. In the kitchen cupboards are paper goods, coffee, tea, creamer, sugar, hand sanitizer, pens for labeling cups.

4. For the rest of 2022, we will provide coffee, tea, bottled water, and pre-portioned individual snacks.

5. Name placards for caller and cuer are in the black Samenas logo cupboard in the dining area; these go on the Samenas board above the steps up to the stage.

6. Stored in the closet off of the eating area. Light panel is there also.

7. Before the dance, verify that bathrooms are fully stocked; sweep dance floor, hang Samenas banner on back wall of stage

8. Set up a table just inside the entryway for Split the Pot tickets; Hosts should staff this table through the first tip at least. This is also a good place to greet dancers.

9. Many Samenas should be pitching in with the cleanup, starting around 10:10 or so.

10. Dispose of left over food, if any: packaged non-perishable items can be stored, left-overs can be returned to provider(s) or given away, discard anything else.

11. Advise the VPs or Kitchen Supply committee of any items needing restocking, by email